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About this course

  • Knowledge

    Covers all major provisions of AS4000

  • Examples

    Gives practical examples and frequently asked questions for each section

  • Practical Use

    1 hour free 1:1 consultation to discuss amendment to your contract

What you'll learn....

Introduction and overview

  • Introduction
  • What is an AS contract?
  • The AS4000 suite
  • Other AS contracts
  • How to use AS4000
  • Amendments

Contract Structure and Key Personnel

  • The Contract
  • The clauses
  • Index and Annexures
  • The Parties
  • The Superintendent
  • Notices and Communication
  • FAQs

The Site and the Works

  • The site
  • latent conditions
  • Setting out
  • Materials, labour and construction plant
  • Quality
  • Examination and testing
  • Care of the work and reinstatement
  • Urgent protection
  • Cleaning up
  • Defects Liability
  • Subcontracting,
  • Contractor's employees and subcontractors
  • FAQs


  • Time and Progress
  • Working Hours
  • Programming
  • Separable Portions,
  • Suspension
  • FAQs



  • Variations
  • Deemed variations,
  • Proposed variations
  • FAQs


  • Nature of Contract (Bill of Quantities)
  • Provisional Sums
  • Security
  • Payment,
  • Payment of workers and subcontractors
  • FAQs


Dispute Resolution

  • Notification of Claims and Superintendent’s decision,
  • Clause 42 dispute resolution
  • FAQs


Other Provisions

  • Evidence of Contract and Contract Documents
  • Legislative requirements
  • Protection and damage to people and property
  • Insurance
  • Default or Insolvency,
  • Others
  • Differences between AS4000 and AS2124
  • FAQs


Free 1 hour consultation with Steven Evans to discuss amendments to your contract


Senior Instructor

Steven Evans

Steven is an accomplished construction professional with over 30 years’ experience in the industry gained initially as a quantity surveyor for a major multinational contractor, thereafter in senior quantity surveying and commercial management positions and later as director of professional services practices. Since 2003, he has specialised in contract law and, as a construction contract and commercial consultant, combines his extensive practical experience with legal qualifications to provide high quality, realistic and cost effective dispute resolution, commercial management, Adjudication, Arbitration and training services to a variety of clients throughout the UK, wider Europe and the Asia Pacific Region. That practical experience encompasses a wide range of market sectors, construction types and methods covering disciplines such as quantity surveying, commercial management, project management, claim preparation and defence, adjudication, arbitration, mediation, contract drafting and vetting, planning, estimating, personal and project mentoring and training.